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dreamers always chase but never get it

"look, i've never had a dream in my life, because a dream is something you want to do but still haven't pursued. i knew what i wanted to do, and did it till it was done, so i've been living the dream i've wanted to be since day one"

my heart and I agree.

See, if I had extra tickets to the sold out Bright Eyes show, I could sell them.
But what do you do with extra ...guest list spots?

Duuuh, Anna, you invite a friend!

But I don't have friends....real life friends who like Bright Eyes, that is. Fiona sort of does, but going to a show with Fiona would be kind of strange/very unlikely seeing as how we never even talk to each other nowadays. What to do, what to do. Once again, I am asking rhetorical questions. Maybe I'm just trying to say that I have tickets, and you don't, so nyah nyah. But then again...it's Bright Eyes. Nothing to brag about. I'm only going for the following reasons:

-It's free.
-No other Friday night plans.
-Might meet up with Ally while I'm there. [Right, Ally?]
-Might see a certain someone else, too.
-Yuh, that Conor is so totally dreamy.

I just realized that I didn't do a year-in-review of 2004. Or a list of resolutions.
As you might have guessed, there was nothing extraordinary about my 2004. The last 3 months were a bit unsual, but let's not get into that. And "Write more in this journal" isn't a priority of mine. Oh, but I did say I'd help my parents sort things out, and I sort of did.
They've gotten back together.
It kind of sucks when the best thing at a party is the booze.

I mean I have nothing against champagne, even though I'm not much of a drinker, but it's 1 AM, and I'm home already. lamerz.

Um. Hope you partied harder than I did.

woke up this morning, desperation am

This is an entry about Christmas.

I'm not going to be sarcastic at all cause I like Christmas. I'm one of those people that goes caroling and bakes cookies and the like. JUST KIDDING. But I did prepare a pretty awesome dinner for my parents yesterday, and got them presents they actually wanted. (However, Christmas Eve with the newly fractured family is a whole other story in itself)

Now, as for getting presents...

Well, like many modern music nerds, I now own an Ipod. It's in a pink case. I'm not sure whether I like or not, because it's kind of... not working. But I'm quite pleased with iTunes. I can download all my favorite mainstream singles. It's like a really fantastic radio station that never plays Simple Plan or Switchfoot. (I do listen to Good Charlotte's I Just Wanna Live, though. That is the only decent song they've done, and they've managed to do that by ripping off all of my favorite bands. One band in particular. Cough.)

I also have the Sims Mega Deluxe, and some sort of bath giftset that isn't from Lush or Body Shop.
And lotteries! I won three bucks in the crossword game. My friends, not being very close friends got me things like cards and candy canes. Last year, Karen got me this red and white striped bear holding a bag of candy canes. That was cute. This year, Karen didn't get me anything. WHAT A JERKFACE. Eh, I'm not actually mad at her. At all. I'm not even slightly annoyed. We have the weirdest friendship ever. Jen went overboard and threw together a lovely smorgasboard (sp?) of things that she might have liked in fifth grade but now has outgrown and decided to give to Anna. Okay, that was catty. At least she cared enough to get me a gift.

I'm gonna go and continue enjoying the holidays. Or...try to fix the IPod. kaybye.

can we just turn it around?

Since when does Hilary Duff live at my house?
I get phone calls asking for Hilary Duff, which are not from friends playing hilarious practical jokes.
I, uh, don't get it. Next time that happens I'm going to say, "No, sorry, this is Ashlee Simpson" or something equally lame.

Hey, Ally and everyone else who is participating in this one way music exchange (yes, all three of you that read this) ,I sure hope you don't want "themes" or "structure" in your "mixtapes" cause I don't swing that way. People who think of themes and titles and decorate it all fancy have too much time on their hands. This isn't the indiemixtape community.
So so so.

Tonight was weird.I think I say that a lot, but I am really quite at a loss for uh..what's it, words.Collapse )

Right, so then I got home and for some reason, instead of heading straight to my room or computer to write about HOW BOYS ARE TEH LAME, I decide that my dad and I need to wrap Christmas presents while sitting in front of the fireplace, and drinking egg nog, which is so irrational, because my family is not traditionalist by any means, and we rarely ever use that fireplace anyway, and we don't have fucking backyard barbecues either. Okay, we do, but that's happened maybe...twice in the entire time we've lived here.

Anyway, we are wrapping presents for the gift lottery, and Dad's co-workers, and then Mom comes into the room, and just sits there being Miss Ice Queen, waiting for her laundry to dry (because my parents have decided to do the whole trial separation thing, a few weeks ago, and a few years too late, and her laundromat is broken, or something. I wouldn't know, since she is giving me the silent treatment for no apparent reason.)


PS- I don't care about how badly written this entry is. I just felt like ranting, for once. AND HOW LAME AM I FOR APOLIGIZING FOR RANTING? Yeesh.


Oooh hey, new stolen icon.

Now, why is that I find things like this so funny? I don't sit at my computer laughing at them hysterically for hours on end, I'm not strangely hypnotized by the flashyness of the animation (Is anyone actually serious when they claim to be? If so...woooow. ) and I don't SAY any of these things in real life, but whenever I see one, I think THAT IS AWESOME.

And will continue to do so until...well, uh, I don't know. Until I have one of those LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS, with really cheesy music playing in the background and realize that when you say/type mean things, you hurt people's feelings, that even though we're all different, we're all the same, and that you don't need money to be happy!!~1

Which will hopefully never happen.

automatic, supersonic

Dear Ashley,

I am making this entry in advance, because I probably won't have time for it on Thursday.


I made you a real card (yaaaay art skillz. skillz with a z, meaning complete lack thereof) , and I fully intend to send it to you, but I seem to be missing your address? We should fix that, huh?

Dear everyone else,

My life is y'know, decent. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Not a single thing. However, do I have time to write about how fantastic things are and make you jealous/bitter/bored to death? Not particularily.
Boy, do I ever suck at the whole "journal thing". And writing is supposed to be my strong suit? Ha.
Thanks to Kanye's workout plan, I got myself
...a knee injury?
Need to get my priorities straight.

Typically, this would be the part where I say "I am going to take a break from the Interweb", but I have no willpower, and anyway, I need to use it for schoolwork, so no to that.

like that one Moving Units song. you know the oneCollapse )

Hey, I like how my phone is all ghetto/vintage/stuck in the early 90's, and I'm not able to send Ashley uber fun text messages. That's awesome.

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